Kids and Parents Art Class in September _theme ” Round Things “

The class is already full!!  Sorry !!!

Kids and Parents Art Class “Round things”

@ Jacaranda Tree Montessori Derde Schinkelstraat 33, 1075 TK Amsterdam

30 Sepetmber Sunday 15;00~17;00
for children from 2 and up

Younger siblings are welcome to come along!

On 30 September we should have the most beautiful full moon of the year. The Japanese word for moon viewing is “Tsukimi”. In celebration of the moon’s beauty Tsukimi traditions include displaying decorations and eating special rice dumplings called “Tsukimi dango.” In this class I’ll introduce the Japanese tradition by making craft work with the theme of ROUND THINGS and we’ll make and taste Tsukimi dango together. How do you think Tsukimi dango should look?

The class includes; Paper spinning top making (Koma), Cup and ball making (Kendama), Rice dumpling making (Tsukimi dango), etc.  Language: English/ Japanese

cost: €14 per child
Children under 2 are free

To participate:
send a note with your name and address below
You will receive an invoice. Please pay in before the class day.

*Although Tsukimi Dango is yummy it’s recommended not to give large pieces of Dango to children of under 2 or who’ve never had sticky food to avoid choking hazard.

* Please note that these classes are uninsured. Kyoko Inatome and Jacaranda Tree Montessori cannot be held responsible for accidents or injury during these classes.

 Tuskimi dango contains; gluten, wheat and soya




親と子のアートクラス テーマ「まるいもの」

@ Jacaranda Tree Montessori  Derde Schinkelstraat 33, 1075 TK Amsterdam

9月30日 日曜日 15時から17時 言語:日本語/英語

2歳以上のこどもたち対象です (小さいご兄弟がご一緒するのはかまいません)

今年の十五夜は9月30日ですね。この美しい満月の見える十五夜の日に、こどもたちと日本の文化を楽しめたらなと思っています。テーマは満月にちなんで「まるいもの」。まるいコマ、まるいけん玉、まるいお団子など、まるいものから連想するものを用意してみました。作って食べて一緒に楽しみましょう! お団子はみたらしだんご(グルテン、小麦、大豆を含む)です。

参加費;こども1人14ユーロ (2歳以下のお子様は無料です)




稲留京子 kyokoams[at]





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