a video work of Sara Rajaei

Sara Rajaei was commissioned by immigration law office Everaert Advocaten for their 25th of anniversary to make a video work with artists with whom they’ve worked. Everaert has an excellent reputation for representing artists in the Netherlands, including myself when I needed help getting my residence permit.

In November Everaert will host a conference to celebrate their anniversary. A key topic will be a controversial new Dutch immigration law with consequences for foreign artists .

Rajaei made a film highlighting and discussing the work of Simsa Cho, David Lindberg, Michael Ryan, Adrienne M. Norman, Jennifer C. Protas and myself in order to demonstrate the work of foreign artists during the conference. Rajaei’s work will be shown at Artis in Amsterdam on 2 November at 3.45 pm. Staff and officers from the Dutch immigration service (IND), regional Courts and Universities will attend the symposium. If you’re curious about the new immigration laws you should consider attending too. I unfortunately have prior commitments and cannot attend.

‘Since we’ve moved here…’ a film by Sara Rajaei 2007
still from her film
Kyoko’s work in Sara’s film

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