Art in public space

On 4th June Thursday there will ba a conference in Zuidas. Amsteram Bright City (ABC) and Jeroen Boomgaard asked some artists to make art for that day.

I’m participating this event with an artistic playground for toddlers and older children in Zuidplein, north side of plein from  zuid WTC station. Some toddlers from neighboring daycare centers are invited to paly in this plyaground.

Any children are welcome at any time. Come and play with us!

Zuidas Blocks, performance

In Zuidas there are architecturally renowned office buildings, great public facilities and interesting art pieces… but no children are to be seen. Children, however are an essential part of our society and economy.  Zuidas Blocks will enable children to play a role in Amsterdam’s business center. An international group of toddlers in ties, symbolizing the economic world, will play with colorfully decorated miniature office buildings in the center of Zuidas. These model office buildings are made from discarded product packaging. Original logos have been incorporated in Inatome’s micro-world, mimicking the billboards and business names of the adult world. However, in this little economy everything is recycled. The entire performance brings into question the future influence of the youngest generation.

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