LIVE AID JAPAN@Mediamatic on 26 March 2011

26th March Saturday 2011 @ Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat68, 1017HL Amsterdam)


Entrance: 5 euro (entrance fee will go to Red Cross)

We all love Japan! Let’s take action for help Japan!
A charity event for the earthquake victims will take place at Mediamatic on 26th March.

A LIVE AID style performance with many musicians and artists who love Japan.
Their prayer will sent to Japan!

A charity event for the earthquake victims will take place at Mediamatic on 26th March.
A LIVE AID style performance with many musicians and artists who love Japan.
Their prayers will be sent to Japan! Some Japanese food and artistic goods will
be on sale.
The proceeds and the entrance fee will be donated to the Red Cross Japan/Earthquake Donation.
An online donation spot will be available at the venue.

We will also offer a silent prayer during the event.

15:00 – 18:00 small charity bazar (food and artistic goods)
18:00 – 22:00 Concerts and performances

*LIVE AID will temporarily take its place in the current Mediamatic exhibition ‘ARCADE’.
The space filled up with game machines might remind you of Japan as well…..?

special thanks to Mediamatic for offering its space


場所:Mediamatic BANK (Vijzelstraat 68, 1017 HL Amsterdam)

来る3月26日(土)、東日本大震災への緊急支援イベントLIVE AID @ Mediamaticを開催します!

支援パフォーマンスをLIVE AID形式で次々と時間内に上演致します。

15:00 – 18:00 チャリティー・バザー(食べ物、アートグッズ販売等)
18:00 – 22:00 支援コンサート、パフォーマンス等



Cosplay performance on 16th Feb

You can see a Cosplay performance in Mediamatic this Saturday!

Cosplayers are:

Sharon Ooms
Marlies Keijzer
Kimberly van der Hulk
Javanne Arnoldus
Eveline de Lange
Diana de Mol

After the performance, enjoy Japanese tunes by Dutch band “Slightly Spring”.

Then the space turns into Japanese DISCO!!!

DJ by Yutaka and Disco Mashina / Moskow Discow

Shabera Night at Mediamatic on 15 Feb from 19 hrs

Change of schedule!!!

We start the Shabera Night at 19 o’clock instead of 18.

Shabera night entries

Marko Ciciliani
Niels Viveen from J-pop Foundation and Shiranai Travel
Su Tomesen
Matsumoto SANTI Kazushi

Alite Tijsen
Faried Verheul from Slightly Spring
Faried Verheul from Aniway
Jari Einio
Paul de Leeuw from Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation
Terrence Yeh
Lennart Boot from St. Abunai
Thomas Monses
Maaike Roozenburg
Paul Donker Duyvis
Emiko Chujo
Selby Gildemacher from PIEK
Ashok Bhadra
Simsa Cho

Detailed programm for “Japan, New & Old, In & Out” project

Here you can see credits of collaborators!

13 February
Café grand open 16:00~
Costume by Eiko Ishizawa (artist)

Art pieces by Simsa Cho (artist) and Ashok Bhadra (artist)

15 February
“Shabera Night” 18:00~
MC by Irina Birger (artist)

Live music 19:00~
Treehouse followed by noise from DJ

16 February

Shishimai Perfformance 18:00~ (credits below)

Cosplay show 18:30~

DJ by Yuta Masaki

Live music 19:00~
Slightly Spring

MC by Pierre Lefesvre

DJ 19:30~ by Yutaka Hoshino

16 and 17 February
Shishimai performance 18:00~

Simsa Cho (artist)

Takashi Iwaoka (dancer)

Tashi Iwaoka (b.1976 Ehime, Japan)
Is a performance maker, a performer, a thinker and a consumer.
After studying fashion design and art foundation in Toyko, Iwaoka studied performance and critical theories in UK. Having been commissioned to direct a theatre performance piece in Germany, he came to Amsterdam to be a guest student at SNDO (School voor Nieuwe Dansontwikkeling). He finished his study at DasArts in September 2007 with a 2 hours duet piece, unit-Y [ever in progress]: Bloody World Theory.
He is a member of the performance makers’ collective ehkä tuotantoa together with Violetta Perra, Maija Raumanni and Anna Torkkel. Occasionally, he tries to be a (spiritual) clown without obvious look E-mail

Ai Koyama (Cie Linga/ dancer)

Makiko Ito (Magpie Music Dance Company/ dancer)

Black Intention

Black Intention is a cooperation between recorderplayers Yvonne Rietbergen, Ayumi Matsuda, Sascha Mommertz and artist Kyoko Inatome. Kyoko Inatome developes her video art inspired by the music of the trio. During performances of Black Intention music and art are combined. In this way both arts get an unique extra dimension.The repertoire reaches from Medieval music untill present time. The ensemble uses different types and sizes of recorders to perform the music. All programms have a theme. Each programm consists of a surprising and vivid mix of early and modern music, which brings the public into contact with the varied and diverse sound world of the recorder. The name Black Intention is derived from the composition of the same name by Maki Ishii, a Japanese contemporary composer.

Yvonne Rietbergen (Black Intention/ recorder)

Yvonne Rietbergen founded Black Intention. She graduated as a recorderplayer at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (Eerst Fase and Voortgezette Kunstopleiding Muziek, specialisatie Performance) with Reine Marie Verhagen and Heiko ter Schegget and as a musicologist at the Universiteit Utrecht. Beside Black Intention she founded ensemble Soluna, that specializes mainly in music of the 16th and 17th century. She works as a freelance-musician, music teacher and gives courses and lectures as musicologist.

Ayumi Matsuda (Black Intention/ recorder)

Ayumi Matsuda graduated as Bachelor in the Arts at the Toho-Gakuen School of Music in Japan with Hirohiko Nakamura, Ken Iimuro and Kazuo Hanaoka. She came to The Netherlands to continue her studies at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht with Heiko ter Schegget and Leo Meilink. She graduated her Tweede Fase in 2000. She is also member of ensemble DENEB, with whom she performes baroque music. Besides that she works as a music and Alexander technique teacher.

Sascha Mommertz (Black Intention/ recorder)

Sascha Mommertz graduated as a recorderplayer (Eerste Fase) at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag and continued his studies at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht with Heiko ter Schegget. There he graduated the Tweede Fase. As a recorder and traverso player he gives, besides others, concerts with his own group Trio da Fusignano. His work as a teacher includes giving courses, one among them at the Utrecht Conservatory, and teaching at Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten.

Kyoko Inatome (Black Intention/ visual)

Kyoko Inatome graduated in Japan as Bachelor in the Arts and Master in the Arts at the Kyoto City University of Arts. She continued her studies in the Netherlands at the Sandberg Instituut. She works as an art teacher and attended several festivals and expositions in The Netherlands, France, Russia, Turkey, Syria and Japan. In 2004 her video Erlkönig won the second price at the One Minute Video Awards and in November 2006 she won the Tommy Award in the same awards in the category of Asia .

Special thanks
Faried Verheul
Lindy Rose
Krzysztof Wegiel

Henry Cutler
Dennis Rijbroek

Niels Viveen

Boot Lennart

Danny O’ Really

Shinji Otani

Aimilia Mouzakis

Hisashi Shibata


Yuta Masaki

Emi Sakawaki

Mika Hosoe

Kazuko Yoshida

Yuka Takeuchi

Naoko Yokota

Atsuno Takase


anywayiki beeryama

26 January Gastarbeider Dating opening!

Gastarbeider Dating opening
A festive start of the exhibitions series and the kick-off of the Mediamatic dating service
Opening 26 januari 2008, 20.00 hrs

Attend the gathering of aliens and celebrate being one yourself. Try weird drinks from the International Bar and dance on weird tunes. Meet beautiful people from all over the world. Bring your friends. Become member of the Mediamatic dating community. And – who knows!- maybe your second half will also be there…
From January 30 to the 16th of March 2008, 10 artists from 7 different countries will land in the Mediamatic exhibition space. Each artist will stay for one week and bring in friends.
A project about identity, feeling at home, being foreign and meeting each other. Opening times Wednesday – Sunday from 16.00 – 20.00 hrs, with various special activities outside these opening hours.

For all activities and times
Become member of the datingsite (from January 26th)
Mediamatic, Oosterdokskade 5, ground floor / side entrance, Post CS building, Amsterdam



「しゃべらナイト」はMediamaticで行われるプロジェクト「Gastarbeider Dating/Guestworkerdating」(注1)の期間中、日本人企画イベントの一環として2月15日の夜に行われます。


* オランダ在住日本人クリエーターの方
* 日本の文化に影響を受けているオランダ人や外国人クリエーターの方
* オーガニゼーション、グループ、バンド等

プレゼン日時;2月15日(金曜日)18時〜 Mediamaticにて
* 本人によるプレゼンが無理な場合、代理をたてても可。
* プレゼンの言語、英語

* プレゼン可能なjpegデータの写真(1枚1000kb以下)10枚。
* ファイルに(名前_番号.jpg)とファイル名をつけて宛に2月5日までに送ってください
* 5分以内であれば映像でのプレゼンも可能です。その場合はまずメールでご連絡ください。

(注1)Gastarbeider dating / Guest worker dating
は2008年1月27日から3月2日の期間中、国籍の違う10人のアーティストによって毎週mediamaticで行われる「アイデンティティー、feeling home,ストレンジャー、ミーティングスポット」等をテーマにしたプロジェクト。

(注2)Pecha Kucha Night