“Dream City” @ pleintheater on 7 November

трапезни масиwork in progress….

I become more motivated when I work for a project that my kids can participate. The new work “Dream City” is a good example of that: many small buildings and vehicles made with discarded boxes and plastics. My older boy Pascal always plays with the cars and buildings in progress before going to bed because my atelier is right next to his bed. This work is going to join the kids dance performance “Wonderland” at Pleintheater in Amsterdam on 7 November! The “Wonderland” is organized by my friend Makiko Ito and Pascal and Pia love it! Come and join both Wonderland and Dream City.

7 November 2010 16:00~  Pleintheather: Sajetplein39 1091DB Amsterdam-Oost

Some details of the mini builings

zoo and aquarium

Cafe, check also the interior


I managed to work when P1 is on daycare and P2 is sleeping, or both kids sleeping. It’s not much time as you can imagine but I worked a little bit every day.

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