Het Vijfde Seizoen

I am beginning an artist in residence in Den Dolder from August 2007. The residence is called “Het Vijfde Seizoen”located in the same aria as a complex of a psychiatric institution “Willem Arntsz Hoeve” and the artist are encouraged to work with patients during the three months of the residence period. I have participated in another project on contemporary art and psychiatry in 2003. I made objects and filmed performances with the objects. I made two videos, one is IN and another is OUT. That is a starting point of my IN/OUT series. This time I will have to live and work in the residence fulltime and have a presentation at the end of the residence period. I have a working partner for this project; photographer Erika Blikman who is a Korean woman brought up in the Netherlands by a Dutch family. We are both women of Asian origin living in a western country and we each explore our identities and places in society through art. Erika’s photographic theme is people’s behavior within specific groups and their cultural identities. I found some similalities between us so asked her to do the project in Het Vijfde Seizoen together.
Until now we are busy with founding and from the beginning of July I am starting a one month intensive Dutch course at a university….! I will be busy with a lot of preparations for the project until August but I am looking forward to things afterwards——a quiet residence environment, green and a full of working time!

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