Kid’s activities in the Netherlands

Winter is a tough season for kids and parents in the sense of playing. When there is a lot of snow on the ground kids just enjoy snow fights. But when it’s just cold and wet kids can’t go to the nearest park to play. Especially small kid like Pascal, 1.5 years old, won’t be able to play on his favorite slide without slipping off a wet platform or trashing his clothes with mud. And playing home is limited for small kids. They get bored quickly to usual toys….

When it’s bad weather I have to take him out to join some activities.

Here’s some activities we do in Amsterdam.

-Swimming in Het Marnix; children and parents time is in 2 or 3 days in a week. Kids can still play after the swimming in the kids corner in the cafe.

-Speel O theek (play group); two days a week. Kids and parents come any day they want. In two hours playing time kids eat fruits all together and parents sing Dutch children songs. It costs nothing.

Artis (Zoo); it’s not far! and if you have a yearly card you can just visit there for one hour on the way back from some errand. There’s an athletic playground that Pascal loves. (in the picture)

-NEMO and Wonderland; NEMO is a music/performance group and visits creches and play groups regularly. Pascal liked a mime performance a lot! Wonderland is a kid’s dance performance group. Kids can see/join performance with some professional dancers on a stage. Monthly in MLK in zuid and OT301.

Bike ride; when it’s not too wet we go for a bike ride. Our favorite course is riding to south along Amstel river. Since I am pregnant and can not ride much we stop at a restaurant in Ouderkerk. Restaurant “PRAQ” is one of the rare child-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam. Variety of kids menu and a play corner in the restaurant. Waiters don’t care if kids get over excited with the toys there and nearly trash them.

Puzzles in PRAQ Bus table in PRAQ

-Tunfun; a big indoor playground in the center of Amsterdam. We’ve never tried it since the entrance fee is 8.50 per adult.

There are tons of courses for kids but not many for kids under 3 years old. So far Pascal is doing everyday some activities.

If anyone knows some more fun activities please let me know!

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