Kyoko Kimono

“Japanese Red Bow Obi Belt”
Kyoko Kimono: Upcycling
Remaking traditional Japanese Obi into a modern form; not just for kimono!


My modern obi are made from classic Japanese obi I collect throughout Japan. Each obi has its own rich history: ceremonies, weddings and parties for example. Some of the original obi are very old.

I carefully disassemble the original obi and by folding the fabric Origami style I recreate it in a modern form. The result is an obi enjoying both the traditional spirit and contemporary form.


“Orange Chrysanthemum Obi Belt”

== Obi Belt ==

My modern Obi Belt is about half the width of the traditional obi worn with a kimono. You can creatively combine them with many types of outfits; with a dress, skirt or trousers for example. The Obi Belt has a velcro closure so you needn’t master the special obi knot.

Size S and M (European sizing)


== Tsukuri Obi ==

Tsukuri Obi is the full width of a traditional obi but in my modern designs and also with a velcro closure.

One size fits most, come with one cord/Obijime

Stripe Tiger Tsukuri Obi_Eye
“Stripe Tiger Tsukuri Obi”