Kyoko Kimono

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“Japanese Red Bow Obi Belt”

Kyoko Kimono:  Silk accessories with “Mottai-nai” spirit

Upcycling traditional Japanese clothes into modern forms


My products are hand made from classic Japanese obi and kimono I collect throughout Japan.  A precious silk Kimono was traditionally kept in use for many years by repairing or rebuilding until it was totally worn out. This ideal is called the “Mottainai” spirit. 

After carefully disassembling the original kimono and obi I recreate them into jewel-like silk accessories embodying both the traditional spirit and contemporary forms. All of the original fabric is utilized, even the lining; There is virtually no waste in my reconstruction process.

“Orange Chrysanthemum Obi Belt”

== Obi Belt ==

My modern Obi Belt is about half the width of the traditional obi worn with a kimono. You can creatively combine them with many types of outfits; with a dress, skirt or trousers for example. The Obi Belt has a velcro closure so you needn’t master the special obi knot.

Size S and M (European sizing)


== Tsukuri Obi ==

Tsukuri Obi is the full width of a traditional obi but in my modern designs and also with a velcro closure.

One size fits most, come with one cord/Obijime

== Kimono Sash ==

== Headbands ==

== Scrunchies ==











== Table Accessories ==

Stripe Tiger Tsukuri Obi_Eye
“Stripe Tiger Tsukuri Obi”