mysterious posters

Some of you have seen already and must have wondered what it is about. Mediamatic, which we make projects with, has printed posters of each artst’s portrait with very simple info;

Kyoko(34) Kyoko Inatome 160cm 50kg Japan week7 13…17 feb 08 PostCS A’dam

If you don’t get it I ‘ll tell you a connection here.

“Gastarbeider Dating” project; A lot of artists move around the world, looking for inspiration, money or success. Many of them come to Holland, attracted by its internationally-oriented creative scene, high level art schools and broad government support of culture. Some stay forever, others only for some time.
Among these migrants, there are several star artists representing the Netherlands on biennials, and numerous local underground scenes, known only to a small circle of their expat friends. In a universe called “Dutch culture”, unknown objects are flying in and out from all possible directions, at different speeds. To stay on the orbit, they have to reinvent themselves. While theorists talk of art as a global place on every corner, artists-“gastarbeiders” – creative labour migrants – lead their invisible and manifold struggle to live and work professionally.
The goal of the current project is to reflect on today’s state of the world where migrant artists are confronted with their background on cultural, social, political, artistic and economic level;
to see what impact creative labour migration has on the society in general, as well as on individual producers of culture; to research and represent strategies of immigrant artists in dealing with their identity and environment.

Japanese week during the exhibition starts from 13 till 17 feb with the theme ” Japan, New & Old, In & Out”. We create a meeting point of Japanese old and new culture for Japaese and Japan lovers.


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