Pascal and Kyoko in an art isntallation

Pascal and I are one of the models in an art installation by Monica Blok and Hadas Itzkovitch.
The opening of this exhibition is on 10th September 2009 18:00~ at Imagine IC
It should be a beautiful installation…don’t miss it if you live in Amsterdam!!

A soothing song invitation-1
“A Soothing Song”
A Soothing Song is a video-sound installation for 12 screens by Monica Blok and Hadas Itzkovitch (both performers and visual artists) and was supported by an ECF artistic project grant. The installation gives an intimate glimpse of women from different cultures living in the Netherlands, in a captured moment of endearment with her child who has been born in this country. Musician Milan Gataric was invited by the artists to compose a ‘universal’ lullaby, based on elements from the different lullabies sung by the mothers. In a staged setting, the 12 films together create a total environment which envelopes the viewer in image and sound.
You can join the vernissage on September 10, 2009 at Imagine IC in Amsterdam or visit the exhibition till December 12

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