Pascal’s career as…..

My son Pascal is officially a Hema model now.

Two boys and girls were selected for this page and Pascal remained in the last. The photo shooting was a bit difficult. He didn’t want to wear the hat and gloves. Moreover he had to be lying on the floor and stay still for shooting. Which toddler can do that?

Anyway the photographer took some shots in the end  but the best shot was when he was just playing in the shooting studio.

I don’t mean to make money with my son but Pascal drags so much attention everywhere. Showing him in public might bring him some directions for the future.

Or seeing from his Lego works he might become an engineer or a technical guy!?  He started enjoying building up Lego blocks before 18 months that Lego suggests. His favorite play is to break down cars or animals Papa made for him then build up high towers. The higher the tower is the more he gets satisfied.

Now this young child has a lot of possibilities. All I have to do is to try a variety of kids activities.

I am so glad right now to be able to live in the country that offers quality environments for children.

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