performance at Kunstvlaai report 1

I had a chance to give my performance with Petersburg project space. They created a WALL by the gushouder during Kunstvlaai 7 and invited artists to give a meaning to the WALL.

I was programed in 3rd and 4th day. 

There are performers behind the black window.


“Wall” often means a divide in many metaphorical examples as well as in my work series entitled ‘In/Out’. Inside a wall is your private space where you feel comfortable whereas everything else is outside/public. I have been creating such a private space in public space to question about ambiguousness and interchangeability of two opposed terms.

“Petersburg project space”, who organized this project, is creating a neutral meaning of WALL in public space. I wanted to play with “public” and “private” in my performance at the WALL.

WALL is not considered as a physical barrier there but it is more like a membrane that is soft, organic and biological. Maybe because I am pregnant I had images of a baby inside the womb very much.

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