residence 2nd week

The time passes slowly here. Even after getting lots done in a day there’s time over for other things like taking a walk in the woods or practicing the piano. Had there not been a piano in our residence it never would have occurred to me to play. Today I began practicing “Gnossienne” by Erik Satie. Thanks to the special piano learning kit I invented (colored stickers on the keys) I’ve already mastered the first piece.

Walking in the woods is still fresh and new to me…autumn is coming closer.
Erica is in full bloom now. I can see pink and purple colors of the Erica from the windows of my working place.

I don’t expect to see people in the woods because it is so quiet here (except for the nightly helicopters flights!). Today my heart skipped a beat when I saw someone in the woods; maybe it was my imagination but I thought I saw someone on a bicycle riding towards me.

But this is reality. And I know it is from an art project by Roy Villevoye who also stayed in the Vijfde Seizoen in 1999.

How is my work going? We haven’t started working officially yet. We have to wait till next week or later to do so. I am just making drawings and playing with new materials.

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