residence 4th week

Leaves are falling everywhere…. Its cold and I can’t do without the heater in the atelier in Den Dolder. We had some communication with patients this week. On Tuesday we had a cooking workshop with “group C” in Roosenburg. We decided to make Sushi and Bulgogi with the patients. We went with raw ingredients but actually only one guy wanted to help us… Well, its still a workshop. As I started rolling sushi some guys showed up and got interested in helping me. They seemed to enjoy it. Bulgogi was popular but the Sushi was apparently too extreme.

On Friday we went to a discotheque in the Baretsz cantine. Most of the people were just sitting on the side and watching so the dancing floor was empty. I was very tired after working in Amsterdam but I thought I should start dancing. A girl (A) joined and we mostly danced together.


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