residence 5th week

The 5th week of het vijfde seizoen started with a workshop with patients over 60 years old.
Our workshop has two stages. In the first workshop each person makes work within a circle on the paper. The circle represents your place: You are in the center of the circle. Your place is empty. What do you want to have in your place? What are the important matters for you? What occupies your place? We provided pens, colored pencils, pastels and cutouts from magazines.
The second workshop will be with my hand-made, white balloons. Each person will get one balloon of 1.30m diameter and be able to stay inside (air is being pumped in from a ventilator) for as long as they wish. They’ll be asked to choose a topic from their previous drawings in the circles and draw it onto the white balloons from inside. We’ll provide only black pens.

A title of our workshop is ”Binnenstebuiten”, (”inside out” in English). As the title suggests we are going to turn the balloons inside out so that the balloons show the inner sides can be viewed. In other words the the viewer will see “inside” the participant artist.
Our first workshop was successful. There are things to adjust but I enjoyed it and participants made interesting circles.


That night, I began my life as a balloon making machine. I’ll continue like this until I’ve reached 30 balloons.

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