residence 6th week

We gave balloon workshops on Monday and Wednesday. It was more difficult than we thought it would be. First of all, people here have problems that make our cooperation a challenge. Some people have a depression or health problems, while others don’t want to try strange things like going into a balloon. We expected to see the same faces as last week in this workshop but half of the participants from the first workshop didn’t return. Was it because of the reasons mentioned above or something else? We were told from the director not to expect a lot from patients. Now I understand why he emphasized this. Of course I’m not forcing them to go into the balloons but I at least want to ask them to try it. Is there no way to contact these people?

We decided to give the workshop one more time.

Nine balloons have characters now. One balloon has a name, one has a poem, one has statements etc. They are so beautiful….

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