Shabera Night at Mediamatic on 15 Feb from 19 hrs

Change of schedule!!!

We start the Shabera Night at 19 o’clock instead of 18.

Shabera night entries

Marko Ciciliani
Niels Viveen from J-pop Foundation and Shiranai Travel
Su Tomesen
Matsumoto SANTI Kazushi

Alite Tijsen
Faried Verheul from Slightly Spring
Faried Verheul from Aniway
Jari Einio
Paul de Leeuw from Japanese Dutch Shinzen Foundation
Terrence Yeh
Lennart Boot from St. Abunai
Thomas Monses
Maaike Roozenburg
Paul Donker Duyvis
Emiko Chujo
Selby Gildemacher from PIEK
Ashok Bhadra
Simsa Cho

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