summer holiday and…

This summer my husband and I went on a motorcycle holiday for ten days. Our initial plan was to do a three day hike in Swiss Alps but the entire region was enveloped by rain storms and it was worst at high elevations. We changed our plan and rode to the south of France. We stayed two days in Pont-en-Royans in Parc du Vercors, did a long hike on a beautiful day and visited an amazing cave in Choranche (Grottes de Choranche). We found this cave by chance but it was one of the greatest caves I’ve ever seen… very sensitive and fragile.

We returned to Amsterdam on the 14th of August and the following day I began an artist in residence program in Den Dolder. I transported my basic belongings behind my bike on a little trailer: clothes and underwear, books, drawing materials, some food and a computer. Even with my handful of personal objects the big living space and studio here seems empty.
living room

There are 4000 people living in Den Dolder. My working partner, Elika Blikman and I are now residents here but we are not allowed to visit people in the complex yet. First we must introduce ourselves by sending letters of introduction about ourselves and our art plans to residents. Once properly introduced we can start communicating with the patients. We will send letters next week but until then nobody knows about us.

What we found today in the complex is:
a mushroom

other kind of mushroom


more mushrooms!!!

and a piece of art

and another piece of art

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