Super studio of Eric and Sietske

I had a chance to shoot my house/home performance in a studio. A friend of mine, Sietske Tjallingii, has a super big studio sharing with her husband Erick Staller. I went to their super studio in noord with my performance gear on a trailer. This studio complex is shared with 20 artists and their studio is probably the biggest. Sietske opened the door and I saw Erick’s light beetle, conference bike, love bike parked in the studio. Windows can be closed with black curtains. The floor is black. Perfect for my white house! We started to make a black shooting setting. Every piece of furniture has wheels so it is easy to move around. Sietske set spotlights onto my house. A monitor is ready, a camera is ready…..Action!
Actually I did shooting for two days– I couldn’t get a good performance on the first day. Following day I went to the studio alone and did two times 40 minutes shooting. I am satisfied with the quality of the video and lighting effect. Take a look at the video below. (it is one minute version of a 12 minutes original video.)

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