WALL art

You can see what other artists made on the WALL from this link. Every work is so different! Petersburg Project Space is having a grand opening on 24th May from 17:00~. Tamar Frankкомпютри is showing her work inspired by the space. Check it out!  

kunstvlaai report 2

very windy day. performers had to do in a tight space between the net and  white background. someone commented that the white setting works better because it is more transparent. you can see a video of the performance(4’30”) here: WALL=threshold#1   

performance at Kunstvlaai report 1

I had a chance to give my performance with Petersburg project space. They created a WALL by the gushouder during Kunstvlaai 7 and invited artists to give a meaning to the WALL. I was programed in 3rd and 4th day.  There are performers behind the black window.   “Wall” often means a divide in many […]

“WALL=Threshold#1” performance at Kunstvlaai 7

Performance by Kyoko Inatome at Petersburg project space during Kunstvlaai 7 12th May -“Black WALL” from 14~15 and 16~17 performers; Kyoko, Julio, Takashi 13th May- “White WALL” from 14~15 and 16~17 performers; Kyoko, Julio no performance in case of heavy rain! For more info about Kunstvlaai, click here