Longing for cherry blossoms

Short after the new year holiday I heard news that the subsidy for my project was honored. I was a little nervous about this project because it is a collaboration with Dutch children and I am pregnant again. But after this good new in the beginning of 2010 I just blew off my worries and start working for it.

The theme for the project is ‘Spring’ ; I always miss cherry blossoms in Japan. The full bloomed cherry blossoms give me a certain feelings, something like nostalgia. My mom used to take us under cherry trees to do picnic. We had lunch there and played in the green. I was so close to nature at that time. ‘Ohanami’ (cherry blossom viewing ) is a Japanese traditional custom of enjoying beauty of flower, which makes a close relation for human with beauty of nature. I want to introduce this custom through art.

We will have an exhibition with works from children and two other artists in April. I start making some test drawings in my house. It is still chilly out  but some drawing flowers make me long for spring and my baby due in spring.


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