Working with a baby

My son Pascal has been on the waiting list for creche on the same street as his house. Getting a place in creche in the Netherlands is very difficult. You have to wait a year or more…you might have to sign up for the waiting list before you become pregnant to start it in time.
I was not able to think about a life year later when I was pregnant so I just signed up for a creche in the neighborhood. But wait, I could have done multiple waiting lists….I noticed that the other day. It means I have to find a way to work with a baby.
If I ask my husband in advance to take care of Pascal he can find some time for it. But basically I have to be with the baby most of the time. Since I am with Pascal all the time he gets involved in my work.
One of the examples is a video for Black Intention with Pascal and their babies, Natsumi and Ruben. The tune and lyrics of the music nicely fit to baby’s movements and their lovely smiles.
Another example is photography. Like most of the parents I take tons of photos of a baby too but with some prepared settings. This is one of the photo series I am working on right now.
I used a giant plastic box that my husband bought for the shop to fill it with organic goat’s milk. Pascal’s never had a giant tub like this filled with non mommy’s milk so he seemed to have enjoyed my art project.
And I take Pascal to lectures and meetings. When he is in a bad mood I have to go out of the room and sooth him but people don’t mind it so much.

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